Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 1 is Done!

And we're all sore....

We mainly got our editing stations out and moved down the hallway. We've been assigned to three broadcast booths used for home and away TV/radio.

The reason you don't see much by way of consoles or monitors on the wall leaving just yet is because that all starts tomorrow. Our engineer begins surgically removing most of this through next week.

Our DSI project manager will be on-site Monday for a walk through. Some time Monday afternoon we will be shipping five tall racks (similar to the ones on the monitor wall) to Seattle so DSI can actually pre-build some equipment into the racks. This means there will actually be multi-tasking by several parties and we'll be getting things done simultaneously. Then, the racks will pretty much "drop in" and bolt to the rack bases and DSI will wire it up. I know, it's an over-simplification, but it's the flow of the project, at least.

Control Room - From Entry Door

Edit Station - one of the most drastic changes

Front Deck - From Producers position toward Matrix/House Production

Front Deck - From Matrix Position toward Producer/NHL Replay

The "Darkroom" - forgot to get a "before" of this one... oops!
Another one of the drastic changes!

Audio Room

Monitor Wall - from Audio Room door

Some of the aftermath in the Press Row hallway...
that's for tomorrow!


  1. Just wanted to say thanks for keeping the blog. It is nice to see the guts of the production. Whenever I go to the games there is a bit of me that wonders about what behind the scenes of production looks like.

    I am a geek for the tech and video production info so as long as you've got something new you've got at least one reader in me.


  2. Just wanted to say thanks for the behind the scenes. I've read every post so far and have only one request, keep them going. Whenever I go to a Canes game I always wonder how production is done, what is it like behind the scenes.

    Keep up with all the geeky information, it is interesting reading about it. As long as you continue to post something here I can guarantee you will have at least one reader in me.


  3. Good :) Glad that SOMEONE is getting something out of this ;)

  4. Pretty awesome stuff Stephen. I remember seeing these production rooms at the full season ticket holders party last winter. I believe it was in February and there were still X-Mas cards on the desk where Forslund and Tripp sit during games.
    I can't wait until next season to see those rooms again after the changes. Thanks again for the blog, helps for the no hockey summer drag.