Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 2 - Skeletons

Bryan and Jordan began the surgical removal of equipment today: disassembling, inventorying, and divvying it up to either be saved, shipped, scrapped or stored.

Here are some pictures of the happenings of the day. Thanks to Jordan Keen for the pictures :)

At the start of the day
Monitor Wall - From Entry Door

And, as the day progressed, some notable images...

VTR Racks (note the shelf.... the left rack is already gone, as are the DigiBetas...)

Engineering land from the corner/door.

At the end of the day...
The Monitor Wall - from the Audio Room door

Also, make sure you bookmark the RBC Center Webcam... Besides catching snapshots of the Sesame Street production, you'll be able to see the physical removal of the current Jumbotron and scoreboard paraphernalia and the new Dak videoboards will be installed shortly after! The entire process is to be completed on June 18th, the day before the Keith Urban/Sugarland concert (they obviously don't plan to use it, it just needs to be done and out of the way).

More pictures to come tomorrow, I'm sure.


  1. any idea what our board will look like? something like or selland or Pengrowth arenas?

  2. Program and Preview look so lonely in that last picture.

  3. It will be very similar to the Prudential Center's videoboard. The boards that have the "Bud Light" ad on them (in between the main video boards) will not be in ours, but it's very similar.

  4. Including the 4 top panels and 2 circular ribbon boards? so 8 large panels, and 2 ribbons???

  5. Actually it's:

    8-sided widescreens on top
    360 Ribbon/ring
    4-sided widescreen (main video screens)
    360 ribbon/ring

  6. Are the ribbon rings/boards all tied together or can there be seperate output on each?

  7. Both :)

    Each ribbon (including the existing one) will have independent outputs so they can display three separate things, but will also be networked so they can fire together (goals, lineups, etc.)

    To my understanding one operator will work the rings on the videoboard and one will continue to do the existing one.

    There will be another op for the 8-sided boards on top