Thursday, August 20, 2009


Man I'm exhausted!

Three days of switcher training is now a memory. Hopefully I can just as easily "store" and "recall" information from my brain as it is to store and recall presets in the switcher! Okay, geek joke, sorry. It is midnight, after all ;)

Among other things happening around the room today, we tested our program (main video output) video on the main boards today from the switcher, as well as testing our aux (alternate) send to the upper boards. Basically, I can be sending out two separate feeds through the switcher simultaneously. Just as long as I get the right source going to the right output I'll be fine :)

A few more days of football production and I can turn my focus more toward hockey. It sure is getting close!


  1. Hang in there buddy... July is right around the corner!

  2. Speaking of hockey getting close. I noticed on the webcam that the boards are being put up. Does this mean that the ice is going to go up soon as well? Good luck on the production stuff too. It sounds like its getting really tedious now :)

  3. Thanks! I've got plenty of time, then ;)

  4. Now if you can get that EVS going!

  5. I'll just control it through the switcher... as long as the IP director isn't... or something like that ;)

  6. It IS getting tedious... lots of details to work out.

    As for the ice, I believe that will be going in during the first couple of weeks of September. They are still doing maintenance on the (hockey) boards to get them ready for the season.

    It's getting VERY close!!!