Friday, September 11, 2009

A Hard Day's Night

Less than one week away from NHL pre-season hockey!  Cheers from the fans, urgent screams from the production crew.  Certainly, time is against us, but there is good news...  ready or not, our first hockey game (and our first true HD game) will be over a week from now!

We barely had time to wrap the commercial shoot before we were thinking about the next shoot, which is tomorrow [Saturday] AM.  NHL Training Camp officially starts tomorrow (see the Canes roster here).  With that, tomorrow is physical day.  From 7 AM - noon (or a little later), the players will file through the doctor's office getting blood drawn, eyes examined, the works.  In addition, all of the guys get their official league headshot taken tomorrow, and CanesVision even converts one of the patient rooms into a make-shift studio.  We will be shooting video headshots for all 40-plus guys tomorrow, even the ones that will be spending much of their time in the AHL.  This way, if someone is called up during the season, we have the footage already.

For the astute observer, you'll realize that tomorrow is also an NC State football home game, as well.  When it rains, it pours!  Three of the five CanesVision full-timers (plus an intern) already set up the "studio" in the doctor's office today, and the four of them will be meeting up at 6 AM so they're ready to go when the guys start coming through.  After all the guys come through, it's time to strike and get the last-minute stuff together for the football game.

The other two of us (yours truly included) will be holding down the fort at the arena for the game-day preparation of the football game.  Thankfully we have one under our belt.  Hopefully things will go smoothly in both locations!

Sunday is technically an off day, and really the only one in sight until after the start of the regular season.  There's still so much to do and so little time to do it!  Building the show from the ground up is certainly a daunting task.  Having to do that while juggling football (and the pre-season hockey games) and looking ahead to basketball is quite overwhelming!

So, those who need their hockey fix... it's coming!  For those of you going to the State game tomorrow, have fun!  We're working hard to make sure it's an enjoyable time for you wherever you may be :)


RIP victims of the 9/11 attacks.  God bless the families of the lost and continue to comfort the survivors.


  1. Off topic question (I'm just attaching to the latest post) - a lot of people want a noise meter in the RBC Center. Could you change the color scheme of the entire video board according to noise level? I'm thinking put up the State graphics (like in the screensavers you posted) but start out with carolina blue. As the noise increases, leave the graphics alone but gradually change the color to green, yellow, orange, and finally red when the place starts shaking. I'd love to see that.

  2. Similar things are in the works :)

  3. What ever happened to the Jimmy V noisemeter that was used in the first season of NC State Basketball but I don't think was ever used after that. Was that thing legitimate? I can't remember if it was a pre-rendered thing or not. If yall can get a real one [not the fake matrix board one :)] on one of boards on top, maybe modeled after that Jimmy V thing or the old meter from Reynolds, that would be awesome.