Saturday, September 19, 2009

One down...

I had every intention of writing yesterday or today letting everyone know that we were amping up for our first HD event.  But, I'm sure most of you knew that was coming.

So, now it's over :)  If you were at the game, I hope you enjoyed what you saw.  I know there were a few glitches and unsightlies, but hey, it's pre-season!  If you weren't at the game, everything went perfect and we're up for an award ;)

This was the first real stress test for the control room and we've got some issues to work out, certainly.  There are several issues just with the Megatron computers getting things synced up.  Other issues circle around our graphics computers.   And then there's our cameras...  There are plenty of things to keep us busy.  It's funny, though...  it seems like we have quite a bit of work just to get us back to the point we thought we should be at at the beginning of this night ;)

Such is the nature of the beast.

I did ask one of our interns to take some pictures of the production...  here's some of the better ones I got...



Maybe some day I'll get some pics in-game.  Until then, keep imagining ;)

Now, it's time to shake it all off and focus on a football game tomorrow.  After that, the Caniac Carnival and back to the long hours next week.


  1. I was at the game and thought the everything looked gorgeous. You definitely need to remove the "sun spot" from the bubble vision bubble, though.

  2. The quality of the video is GREAT! Really like how videos can be shown while replays are still being shown, although the ADD in me makes it hard. :)

    So was the lack of any new content mainly by design (I know yall typically use the last season's package during the next preseason) or mainly because nothing is finished yet? :)

  3. LOL Get him Chappy

  4. Anon: It's a bubble :)

    ncsu1: We've had to start from the ground up, so most of it is not finished yet. Next game we'll be a little further along, so be looking for extra stuff like graphics during the pre-game skate and such. Also, we don't want to tip our hand TOO much and save some stuff for Opening Night :)

    Jeff: Chappy's just out of control...

  5. Loved the new HD! Great picture from the cheap seats. Although, the penalty/power play clock is a little small and not easy to spot. Can it be shown on the larger, top screens? Great job!

  6. In time, yes. We have it there because that's the way that Mr. Rutherford, Mr. [Jason] Karmanos and Mr. Olsen wanted it. We do have other creative that is coming during the regular season that will put a larger PP/PK clock up top (of course with a sponsor logo attached).