Friday, July 10, 2009

Carolina Hurricanes 2009 Exhibition Schedule

Fri. Sept. 18 vs. Nashville: RBC Center, 7:00 p.m.

Mon. Sept. 21 at Atlanta: Philips Arena, 7:00 p.m.

Fri. Sept. 25 vs. Atlanta: RBC Center, 7:00 p.m.

Sat. Sept. 26 at Nashville: Sommet Center, 5:00 p.m.


Training camp schedule and partial roster can be found HERE.


  1. Off Topic: Just wondering if you had any news about the basketball floor, just kinda wondering what has been done thus far to it. Also i noticed they put the dashers back in and pulled the seats out on one end. Are they preparing for an event?

  2. They're re-finishing the bball floor right now (the fumes are giving me a headache!)

    They're doing odds and ends repairs to things right now as they do every year. With all the events in here, pulling seats in and out a couple hundred times starts to damage and bend things. They're using this time to repair anything that needs attention.

    The next event (that I'm aware of) is WWE Raw coming up July 20th.

  3. Why, why, why wont the Canes play a preseason game in Charlotte :( :( ? ? ? ? Every year I keep hoping this is the year the team finally makes an effort to grow a fledging fan base down here, but they keep passing on the opportunity. They keep dropping the ball by not playing a game down here; Canes vs. Rangers (ECHL parent team of the Checkers) would sell out immediately (14500 at TW Cable Arena). Cmon Canes, wake up and play a game in the QC >:-( >:-( !!!!!!!!

  4. Unfortunately, I'm not the one making the schedule :)

    Have you ever voiced this concern to any of the ticketing staff? Maybe next year :)

  5. Ive asked many people over the years why the Canes haven't played 1 preseason game in the QC . .. I've never gotten a solid answer why or why not. Too me, its a nobrainer not to have one down here. Maybe you can ask Mr. Karmanos next time you see him and relay the answer back to me :-) . . .

  6. Jordan (gocanes88 on the Canes boards)July 11, 2009 at 3:08 AM

    No offense, Sly Stone... but Charlotte doesn't exactly seem to be a great place for the Canes to play an exhibition game. From what I've seen, the Checkers' attendance isn't that great. I'm not going to say Fayetteville (my current hometown) is a whole lot better, but we have fewer seats to fill in our arena (which is really nice for a medium-sized town like ours), and I think it would be a pretty solid success since the FireAntz get nice support around here. Besides... the Canes owe it to Fayetteville after ALMOST coming here for two seasons while the Castle was being built. I know the Canes have had a preseason game here since then, but it's been a while... it needs to happen again!

  7. Playing the mean father figure here... I published Jordan's comment out of fairness because Sly's was already here :)

    There's nothing CanesVision can do about scheduling other than report what's already in place.


    If you have a beef about the schedule - or which NC city is better than Raleigh to host a Canes game - then perhaps we should take it to the Official Canes Forum at

    If you wish to post a link to the thread in a comment, feel free. That way, others can get in on it, too.

    And, Sly... I'll take all suggestions up with Mr. K at our weekly planning meeting where I serve as his personal advisor...

    Yeah, right... :)

    Thanks, everyone!

  8. Why don't the Panthers play an exhibition game in Raleigh?