Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Equipment Has Landed

Three days before the 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11's launch (no real correlation other than date... and the corny title... and a little history perspective...), CanesVision's HD eqiupment has landed at the RBC Center!

[Equipement Photos: July 14]

Monitor Wall Monitors! 46"ers... times 5 :)

Last week, a few equipment racks landed, including the Daktronics rack (that was previously moved to my office - now finding its final resting place), the closed-circuit TV rack (sending signal to the concourses, suites), the demarcation rack (basically, termination point for every cable in the control room... I know that's over-simplification, but... still...) and a couple of blank racks to be filled in... well... now :)

[July 10] Daktronics Rack

[July 10] Demarcation Rack on Left; CATV Rack on Right

On Monday [July 13], the equipment showed up and DSI's on-site crew got to work pulling cable.

DSI brought five total racks, built with some time-consuming connections such as the audio & video patch panels among other things. Other equipment such as the frame syncs and multiviewer "brains" were placed in the racks, as well.

[Remaining pictures, July 14]

Equipment racks filling in

Frame Syncs (responsible for up/down/cross conversion of signals)

Today, the first of the equipement started going into the consoles :) This is an exciting thing for me personally as it will start to feel more like a real control room.

The intercom panels, the router panels and the audio monitors for each station were placed today.

First equipment in the consoles :) Intercom Panel.
This is a 12-channel box.

Even though it's not in it's final place, here's a

Also, the video monitors for each position were placed.

Used as alternate Program (what's on the main videoboard), source (what each position's machine is outputting to the switcher) or even router-fed (selectable) inputs in each position.

While all of this has been going on, several of us have been getting some training with the new Daktronics system.... which is ironically a lot like the old system.... just with a prettier board to play stuff on :)

[Misc Photos: July 14]

Another look at some of the consoles

"Turret" for the Technical Director, including intercom,
rasterizer (digital vectorscope/waveform), etc.

The 32-channel intercom won't be there ;)

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  1. Awesome!! I can't wait to see the finished room!