Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Update: In Pictures

A few things have been going on over the past couple of days, and I wanted to update you on it! I may not be as timely as I should, but hopefully I'm keeping you interested ;)

While the overall room looks pretty much the same as it did last week, a few details have popped up that are worth noting :) The second row of the control room started getting some of its auxiliary user equipment - some of which has been posted previously, but it's cool to see it finding it's final resting place... um... finally!

This is one of the EVS replay stations; the "shotbox", keyboard and touchpad/stylus have been placed.

The second EVS replay station.

Something familiar for our CanesVision crew... the "Profile" Slo-Mo machine still lives!

For those who have no clue what I'm talking about... We are actually keeping our "old" standard-def (SD) replay system to be used for extra replay angles. We can actually run these on either analog or down-converted [HD to SD] signals, then bring them into either a frame sync or directly into the switcher and voila! Two additional replay angles! These are perfect for football, as the cameras are already analog (we're using the cameras we used to use for football/hockey/basketball solely for football for now... until Carter Finley gets HD displays, at least...). For hockey and basketball, we will be able to put either goal overheads or "slam cam"s into these units for extra looks in-game.

Info overload, huh?

More pictures, then!

I know I posted a similar picture Friday, but look... it's alive! The audio board is the first operational thing in the control room :) Of course, it isn't quite fully hooked up to everything on the output side yet... because not everything is there yet!

The robotic camera controls were placed on the second row, as well. It's a big box, but the ability and flexibility of the camera will be tremendous!

And now... what many of you have been waiting for... the main event! We threw together some logos to place on all the boards for a photo op for the Sports Business Journal, which is doing a story on our HD conversion... No ideas on a publishing date just yet, but I'm guessing pretty soon....

Also, due to Daktronics still ironing out some last minute details on the physical board, it was down on floor-level, but that just means it's closer to take pictures of ;)

Nevertheless, here's a small preview of things to come! Do enjoy!

I hope to have a similar NC State look by the end of the week (don't hold me to it!).

Until next time...


  1. Seeing that Canes logo all over the scoreboard just totally made my day! I had no idea how much goes on behind the scenes, but seeing all of the pictures you post really makes me appreciate it all the more. Good luck with the rest of the control room!

  2. It's certainly not as easy as watching a dvd at home or something... There's an amazing amount of planning that goes into even the little things we do!

    Thanks for your comment Chris! That just made MY day :)

  3. Looks great! I also like the 'old' ribbon board showing the same thing as the score board. Is that all wired together now? One button changes everything?

  4. We're working on it :) We're still having some networking issues, but you've got to remember: we have ten year old computers running our aux matrix boards, 7 year old computers running our ribbon board (all WinNT) and brand new ones (WinXP) running the Megatron... It's a little tricky :) But, it's getting there!

  5. Jordan (gocanes88)July 30, 2009 at 12:39 AM

    The Megatron looks awesome with the logo on it... great stuff!

    And thanks for lowering the Megatron on Friday... I was pleasantly surprised to see it in its normal position instead of up in the ceiling. That thing is quite a beauty in person. :)

  6. You can thank Daktronics on that one :) I've wanted it down for the last month!

    But, you're welcome!