Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Taking shape

The TBC consoles are here :)

Of course, DSI will be coming in next week to put equipment into the consoles, but they're here and almost completely installed!

These consoles are much more user-friendly than the ones we had before and a lot less bulky. Each console has a 4-RU (rack unit) tall backsplash. In addition, there is a tray that you can slide and position the articulating arms for the monitors.

There are three consoles, the first of which is for the director/tech director. The second console is for our replay system and robotic camera operator and the third console is for our graphics/video playback operators.

From the back of the room

One of the consoles from the side.

There are many advantages in using pre-fabricated technical consoles such as this. I referenced the advantages in a previous post.

I just wanted everyone to know that things are moving along just as planned :) Thanks for sticking with us!

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