Friday, June 26, 2009

Learning the Ropes

We're in the process of working out some of the bugs in the system for the Megatron. We are testing out some scoreboard (actual clock/score/etc.) layouts for hockey and basketball this week, as well as testing font sizes vs. sight lines and such. In addition to having several videos in the works from the editors for both football and hockey, it may look like not much is going on around here, but there is PLENTY of work behind the scenes. I feel that we're getting to a point where more visible changes and updates may be coming within the next couple of weeks.

Just wanted to keep everyone up on things going on here. I hope to have more updates coming soon!


  1. gocanes88 (from the Canes message boards)June 26, 2009 at 10:17 PM

    Football? I'm guessing that means that CanesVision also handles the visual entertainment at Carter-Finley Stadium for State football games.

  2. Still watching the webcam... I was surprised to see the basketball floor going in so slowly. While it makes perfect since that there is no need to hurry with it since theres no upcoming game, I was still wondering why only a small part of it is put together after a couple days. Are they stripping the layers of it or something as they put it down?

  3. They are re-fitting the floor together and making sure it all fits. Once together they will sand, repaint and refinish the floor. The whole process is slated to take up to ten days.

    During that time, we can not lower the Megatron or do anything that would kick up dust... especially when they get to painting ;)

  4. So is it working well? Also while they are painting and what not are you guys making graphics and stuff?

  5. Did the Hurricanes get a new net for the ends of the rink?