Friday, June 19, 2009

Holding Pattern...

As far as the videoboard goes, we're in a holding pattern. Daktronics has finished their first phase of getting the board together and turned on, and will be back next month to put some finishing touches on the project.

With the Keith Urban/Sugarland concert tonight, the upcoming WWE event, a hold for the arena floor so that the basketball floor can be re-finished, the Megatron (which I will affectionately refer to the thing from now on) will be staying put up in the rafters for a while.

In the mean time, there is much work being done as far as content creation and scripting the Venus system to make it do what we want.

We did find out that our training sessions will stagger throughout the month of August, starting around the 5th. With the room being turned over to us on the 28th, that's a lot of information to cram into a short amount of time!

Just know there is a lot of stuff going on in the background, and please keep checking back for the latest :) Remember you can follow along on Twitter @CVHD.


  1. So will we be calling it Jumbotron anymore? Megatron sounds appropriate!!

    I want to ask what a couple people asked earlier... what will happen to the old jumbotron? I'm sure there are people out there who would love a piece of history. I still remember looking up at that thing 3 years ago, holding my breath till the final second of game 7.

  2. As I mentioned as a passing thought before (can't even remember when) ;)

    "Jumbotron" is actually a proper name that is only associated with the type of product as a whole. For you vocabulary freaks out there it's called an eponym. This is similar to Band-Aid or Kleenex... They're brand names, but are used to generically refer to the line of products.

    Previously, we had an honest to goodness Sony Jumbotron, and actually got one of the last Jumbotrons in production, and Sony finally pulled the plug on them in 2001.

    The new system is a Daktronics board called Pro Star. So... it's not technically correct to call it a Jumbotron, and you won't hear me do it unless I slip up ;)

    Megatron is certainly my name of choice :)

    As for the old Jumbotron, I'm not sure where it's going. That's not something on my radar. In fact, I know it's already gone, but I have no idea who has it exactly, if anyone. Sorry!