Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Building the future

Time lapse of the new video board constructed for the RBC Center in Raleigh, NC. This replaces the old Jumbotron and will be the new scoreboard primarily for the Carolina Hurricanes & the NC State Wolfpack Men's Basketball team.


  1. They spelled Arby's Center wrong. I guess that means the C-Double-A-I-Double-A can't come back. :(

  2. Are the yellow block and tackle connectors going to be painted or otherwise covered up so they can't be seen as they were previously hidden by the top sections of the old jumbotron assembly?

  3. The actual winches DID get painted black, so they are much less noticeable. The turnbuckles linking the board to the winch/beams are NOT painted, but are recessed behind the "RBC Center" letters, so they are enough out of the way.

    Here's what it looks like from above now.

  4. What will each of the four sections of the new videoboard display for hockey games? Obviously the large panels will be for live/replay footage, but what about the other three sections? Thanks!

  5. Is there any way to approximate the size of the old scoreboard to the new one? Just to give me a little perspective of how big it is?

  6. how long is the time lapse footage (i.e. how long did it take them to put everything together?)

  7. Will there be any pictures of the new videoboard in a fully operational state with LED's a-blazin? Does the videoboard testing tie in with the control room work that is being done?

  8. In reply to several of you... sorry it took so long!

    Dan: The upper eight boards will mostly show two feeds... the ones parallel with the main videoboard will primarily be used for game clock/score etc. The corner boards will be informational, sponsorship, crowd interaction, etc. much like the previous Matrix panels were, but much prettier :) However, when we're doing special things such as pre-game videos, starting lineups, goals, canes/pack win sequences, the boards can do whatever we want :)

    Anon1: Here are the PHYSICAL size comparisons of the two boards at their extremes:

    Width: 34 feet
    Height: 20 feet

    NEW VIDEOBOARD (Not including RBC Center lettering at the top...):
    Width: 29 feet
    Height: 22 feet

    Before you start saying "that's not much bigger than the last one", remember how much "dead space" was in the last one (i.e.-nearly 12" of blank black bezel between the corners of the panels and the video/matrix really started, etc.), not to mention all the dead space for the score/clock

    On the new panels, we're talking MAYBE two to three inches of distance between the edge of the board and the edge of the panel, and that's all structural supports that hold it together!

    The perception is that this board is twice the size of the old one. I'm not just saying that! The video output is far greater on this new scoreboard... It really is something to see!

    Anon2: The deconstruction time lapse was done over the course of one day. The supports that hook to the winches (the beginning part of the installation time lapse) was actually done on the day of deconstruction! The install of the new board (including the last part of the deconstruction day) took five days. The electricians are actually still working on the wiring inside, and they are going on three ;)

    Rollicking Ric: Give us some time, but we'll get pictures in Canes, State & RBC get-up once it's fully operational. While some new developments have surfaced (new post coming about these tomorrow), it will still take us about a month or so before we really start getting content working on these boards. Why? We have to build everything from scratch :) So, give us time, and we'll make sure to get some good shots as they become available :)

  9. Double checked the numbers, the new one is more like 29' wide x 23' tall... Just wanted to get my numbers closer to right ;)