Thursday, June 11, 2009

Feeling more like home...

We got intercom stations and tape decks set up in our temporary offices today so we can work a little easier. It's starting to feel a little more like home!

Someone had asked on a previous post about the physical size of the boards. I actually got firm numbers, but I don't think they tell the whole story...

The old boards had quite a large bezel (physical area outside the display surface, like a TV would have...) between the display area and the corner of the panels (nearly a foot if I'm not mistaken).

Old Matrix Detail

Old Jumbotron Detail

The new boards have pixels covering nearly every ounce of space, so even if the physical board is the same size, this one has a larger image because of the smaller bezel.

The Lower Ring and the lower portion of the Main board

That said, the rough physical dimensions comparison is as follows:

Width: 34' (at the top)
Height: 20'

NEW VIDEOBOARD (not including the "RBC Center" lettering):
Width: 29' (at the top)
Height: 23'

Again, the numbers lie a little ;) The USABLE DISPLAY AREA has easily quadrupled for us on these boards, so don't let the numbers fool you. Even looking at it hanging in the room it looks gargantuan! Remember, too, that part of the size was due to the ad panels at the top, the tri-vision displays at the bottom and the RBC Center designations in the corners.

Also, there has been a rather exciting development here over the last couple of days, and I will be more at liberty to share tomorrow...


  1. great info! Thanx!
    very curious about the control room, how is that coming along?

  2. It's coming along alright. The cabling and such is done for the videoboard, so once all the "brains" get in place we can start running test patterns... haven't had much time for content creation anyway ;)

    Toward the end of this post, I referenced where we stood with that, and not much has changed.

    There were about three possible start dates depending on how far in the playoffs the Canes went, and we actually slipped to the latest date because of the Conference Finals. Daktronics got in here quick and DSI was trying to move up their timetable, but I think they just shaved a week off getting in here.

    Give us about two or three weeks and we'll start seeing some serious equipment rolling in!

  3. Thanks for the good info on size, that is great to hear about usable area quadrulping

  4. Wow this is great info. You guys are really moving along quite nicely! Can't wait to see this bad boy in action. This is going to be pretty sweet when its all said and done with!