Sunday, June 7, 2009

That Has A Nice Ring To It...

Although I'm nowhere near as timely with my updates as Stephen, hope you find this interesting none the less.  This is still progress from Friday, when the construction crew was in high gear and probably made the most progress in any one day of the project.

The upper ring is completely assembled and the upper matrix is being lowered into place for connections.

Just a few inches more... (T.W.S.S.)

First turnbuckles are being connected from the upper matrix frame to the top of the upper ring.  Everything was lined up pretty well, but there was a little "persuasion" needed to get everything just right.  It's pretty cool how much you can make the board sway when it's suspended on the hoist...

Looking good, but do you really want to stick your arm in there?

Raise it Up!

This is pretty much where construction ended on Friday.  Plan for Saturday is to assemble frame and hang main boards.

More to come...


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  1. I think the RBC Center sign would look better if it were mounted on a circle, not an octagon. The stack would then be circle, octagon/cir/oct/cir. The way it is pictured, the scheme is OOCOC.

    Furthermore, in the case of an octagon, it looks really strange to orphan the "C" in RBC. This is another reason why mounting this layer on a ring would be more appropriate.