Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Busy day so far....

The camera & speakers had to come off the bottom of the scoreboard before the Dak guys got started. Then, the engineers started removing the panels piece by piece.

They started with the ad panels up top (simply removing the placards).

Then, it was on to the tri-vision panels below the Jumbotron and Matrix boards, but they took the whole piece off.

After that, they removed the ad panels (light boxes).

Dak currently have all of the "scoreboards" (team name, clock & score info - from above Jumbotron screens) off.

They have one of the "player/penalty" clocks down (from above Matrix boards).

They're still working, and should have the entire board dismantled by the end of the day.

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  1. that be cool to have like penalty scoreboard thingy in muh bedroom lol or u should hang it in the control room lol