Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Not much left....

It's been a busy day. CanesVision has been having creative meetings all day, so I have been bouncing back and forth trying to get pictures as best I can...

I missed the matrix panels being taken down... but here they are in a heap...

Only videoboards left!

Looking slim...

There she goes....



  1. WOW! that's amazing! So now that they took down the old jumbotron, will they begin to start putting up the new one?

  2. They should be taking the frame off the wenches tomorrow, and once they've cleaned up after themselves, there's nothing stopping them from starting putting up the new one :)

    Here's a hot tip: the new scoreboard will be hung and hiding in the rafters for the Keith Urban concert on the 19th. Granted, nothing will be working, but the finished physical scoreboard will be there blending into the rigging! :)

  3. HAHAHAH! sounds cool! I would imagine it would take a while to get the new scoreboard up and running anyway.

  4. what will they do with the old jumbo tron are they going to donate it