Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I See A Pattern Forming...

Earlier today, they took a still from my personal camera and put quite the interesting subject on the board...

Look, Ma... I'm in HiDef!

Notice there are three separate signals on the boards on the top. We can run something different on all eight if we want. It's all in the scripting :-)

We'll be running more test content over the next few days, and scripting over the next few weeks. Be patient... these things are tricky and we have to create the content to script, too ;) It's coming soon, I promise!


  1. Wow this is some good stuff! I've got a question for you though. Since Canesvision's equipment and the new scoreboard are switching to HD, will this affect the amount of games that are broadcast in HD as well?

  2. Not really, unfortunately. The "truck" (as the TV broadcast is affectionately referred to) is USUALLY an HD truck running 720p, but is down-converted before being shipped out over the airwaves...


    Well, people smarter than me could explain better (should be the tagline for the whole blog!), but it has to do with how much time they purchase on the HD carrier...

    To my understanding:

    If you notice, FSN doesn't have a dedicated HD channel (such as ABC, NBC, CBS, Versus), so they buy HD time on a particular carrier (InHD, HDnet, etc.). Once the broadcast schedule is confirmed they figure out what their budget is for buying time on the carrier. Last year, we got about 15 games in HD out of a 65 game schedule (can't remember exact numbers on this and it's too late for me to go cross reference) ;)

    What it WILL do is allow easier transfer of footage between the truck and in-house (what "CanesVision" is considered), typically AFTER the game... We are trying to work on a more "real time" transfer of footage, but I can't comment on this too much until details are confirmed :) Gotta love cryptology...

    An added benefit is that our broadcast is matching standards with the truck by going 720p. This means that the native resolution (the resolution that the cameras, switcher, replay machines, etc. are all working at) for both in-house and the truck are the same, so there can be easier sharing of camera feeds between us with little to no up/down/cross conversion (fewer pieces of equipment to run a signal through to get a camera feed from the truck to in-house and/or back = good).

    For example, the truck will now have access to our new scoreboard camera they can utilize for special teams or replays. You can see it at home (even live), but it is a CanesVision camera/operator.

    These are great questions. I see I have a pretty astute clientele of readers :)

  3. Just wondering if y'all have any plans / hopes to have a slicky-super-wow-blow-us-away demo on Select-A-Seat night?

  4. I guess it depends on when SAS night is :)

  5. Ok. Thanks for answering my question. I was wondering about that for a while. All of the things you said about the new cameras sound pretty cool. So to me it sounds like these cameras will help Canesvision and "The Truck" be more in sync with each other.

  6. Re SAS nite

    Well for me, and it's all about me, right :-) it'll be 7/22 at 8:00pm. I could email ya a *great* picture to use (still, of course) if you'd like (it's clean) and it'd get a *HECK* of a great reaction from my family and fellow Canes!

  7. Eight monitors, eight different sources... the producer in me is getting all SORTS of ideas!

  8. We're open to new ideas, Steph :)